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clean earth low noise 3 pole powertrack

size1.2m x 300mm pitch lengths1.8m x 300mm pitch lengths2.4m x 300mm pitch lengths3.6m x 300mm pitch lengthsblue bold

clean earth low noise 3 pole powertrack accessories

product information

RMS Zetatrack has 3 systems to choose from; standard3 phase and clean earth. They are individually colour and key coded for safety

No separate couplers are required as each length of track has a coupler already as part of the assembly for easy connection to the next length or feed unit

Feed units have been designed with more space inside for easy connection and termination of SWA cables

RMS Zetatrack utilises attachable feet for easy, flexible fixing to a slab or surface and can be installed into floor voids as low as 60mm

All Tap-Off’s are designed to comply with the requirements of the Wiring Regulations BS7671:2008 including section 543 (Highly Integrity Earthing)

RMS Zetatrack System has been 3rd Party Tested & Certified to meet the requirements of the Powertrack Standard BS EN 61534-22

The Clean Earth/Low Noise has a standard earthing arrangement using the casing to provide the protective earth and an additional third pole to provide a functional earth that is completely isolated from the standard casing earth

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