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light duty cable tray

Available in -
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Side height is 15mm
Please note all light duty tray and accessories do not have a return edge
Supplied in 3m lengths as standard, please contact us for alternative sizes
All sizes and dimensions displayed in mm

Please note that light duty tray of widths 100mm and under do not require the use of couplers as they have a swage joint

you will also require

light duty cable tray accessories

product information

RMS supply a complete range of cable tray including light, medium and heavy duty cable tray and associated accessories for all installations, commercial and industrial.

Standard sizes shown here – variations and bespoke options available.

Please note: Couplers, fixing screws and nuts for cable tray are not provided as standard and should always be ordered separately. Light duty cable tray of widths 100mm and under do not require the use of couplers.

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