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sh1 track

part numberlength
SH1-500500mm / 0.5m
SH1-10001000mm / 1m
SH1-15001500mm / 1.5m
SH1-20002000mm / 2m

sh1 track accessories

product information

The SH1 track offers a dado mid height power solution for wall mounting, perfect for office space, server rooms, display counters, kitchens, schools and many other environments

Built-in accessory rail
Dado mid-height mounting
Uninterrupted power supply
Durable and premium finishing
Snap-on multimedia connectors
Precise alignment of trunking runs with corner links

technical specification

Width: 100mm Depth: 28.5mm

Weight: 2.2kg (per metre)

more options

Eubiq tracks are very versatile able to add power anywhere along  the track. But the track can also take other variations including RJ45 data modules, HDMI, VGA, USB, Audio, AV, RCA and more. Please contact us for details: 01264 335558 –

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