Environmental Policy

Our objective is to be the leading, collaborative provider of standard and bespoke Cable Management Systems. Our intention is to achieve profitable, sustained growth by providing products and services which consistently meet the varied requirements of our customers.

RMS Ltd wishes to be recognised as the industry benchmark by providing a happy, safe, and healthy environment for our employees through implementation, and management of a strategy designed to minimise our impact on the environment, both locally and globally.

We are committed to responsible waste management, the reduction of pollution across all activities, training our staff, and compliance to environmental legislation, regulatory or otherwise.

Operations shall be organised to minimise pollution and disturbance to our customers, neighbours, and the public.

We will ensure the efficient use of resources and materials. Sustainability of consumable items shall be considered during our design, decision making and purchasing processes.

We have implemented processes to enable us to source products, materials, and services from suppliers whose environmental policy aligns with our own.

Management shall regularly review the content and implementation of our environmental policy to ensure our objective of continuous improvement can be achieved by establishing consistent and ongoing best practices.

Professional Cable Management Advice

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