Quality Policy

It is the vision of RMS Ltd to be the leading, collaborative provider of standard and bespoke Cable Management Systems to its clients. Our objective is to achieve profitable, sustained growth by providing products and services which consistently meet the varied requirements of our customers.

The Quality Management System created by RMS Ltd is designed, executed, maintained and reviewed in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

We promote and champion the continuous improvement of our services, products, quality assurance, innovations and technical expertise, in a way that delivers excellence and total satisfaction to our clients. We are committed to identifying our weaknesses and through the use of detailed processes and reporting transparency we will endeavour to develop.


Personnel at all levels throughout the company are individually responsible for, and committed to, the improvement of all working methods. In order to assist all employees to achieve the highest standards RMS Ltd expects, the company shall provide: –

  • Relevant and ongoing training
  • Engineering standards
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Defined processes
  • Highly communicative and transparent approach

Additionally, RMS Ltd is committed to creating a happy, healthy, and safe working environment for all employees promoting a culture of empowerment and ownership. We are dedicated to ensuring that our team simultaneously improves alongside the business, through training programs and mentoring.

All personnel are trained to understand what ISO 9001:2015 means and specifically trained as to where their part effects the accreditation, the companies visions and values.

The objectives of the Quality Management System are: –

  • To endeavour to maximise client satisfaction at all times
  • To maintain a robust and effective QMS
  • To ensure quality is at such a level that our reputation in our field and with our clients is enhanced
  • To ensure relevant statutory, non-statutory and safety requirements are adhered to

Professional Cable Management Advice

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