standard cable trunking


  • All sizes and dimensions displayed in mm
  • Trunking is supplied in 3m lengths as standard (HDG in 2m length only)
  • Please contact us for alternative sizes
size50 x 2550 x 5075 x 5075 x 75100 x 50100 x 75100 x 100150 x 50blue bold
size150 x 75150 x 100150 x 150200 x 50200 x 100225 x 50225 x 75225 x 100blue bold
size225 X 150225 X 225300 X 50300 X 75300 X 100300 X 150300 X 225300 X 300blue bold

RMS provide a comprehensive range of standard returned edge surface trunking single or multi compartment conforming to British Standard EN 500852-1:2006 +A1:2011 unless otherwise stated

Mild steel pre galvanised manufactured from steel complying with BS EN 10346:2015 continuously hot-dip coated steel flat products

Weatherproof finish to IP54 or CPC coating available

For Power Coating – please provide RAL number

Size variations available – please contact us for more details

Square / Sharp bends, tees and intersections are also availableBoth the lid and the body are supplied in 3m lengths complete with coupler and all necessary fixing screws. Lids also sold separately

All trunking accessories are also supplied with all necessary lids and fixing screws

As well as our standard turnbuckle we offer a tamperproof screw fix solution for security trunking

Top lid bends, tees and intersections
When asymmetric compartment spacings are specified, please provide the exact hand (right or left) and location of the accessory. When this is not possible, which is often the case in practice, loose dividers can be supplied for
 on-site fittings

Flyovers are necessary to maintain segregation through top lid tees and intersections only.
 However, the introduction of the flyover always reduces the capacity of the system by half.
 This is a severe restriction and must always be taken into account when the system capacity
 is specified.
 Full capacity can be maintained through the junction by using tees and intersections with double

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