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A conclusive range of multi compartment steel trunking possessing a square or chamfered profile which is produced for the installation at skirting height. Skirting trunking has been specifically designed for durability and the ease of installation; with a crisp final appearance it will enhance any commercial environment.

The lid which encloses the body is available in a variety of finishes. So where on-site coating is required, the lid is available for supply in self-colour zintec a surface that will readily accept the application of proprietary gloss paint.

The lid can be supplied in a powder coat in a wide variety of colours for high quality finish. The powder coat not only offers an attractive finish but is also highly resilient to damage during use and installation.

The lid may also be manufactured in stainless steel with a polished or satin finish.


Skirting trunking has surface distribution and access to voice, power cabling and data in the same body of trunking at skirting level. When it comes to the installation of  skirting trunking it does not require alteration of the building layout and structure, it has the ability to be readily adapted to fit appropriate areas in the room. This makes in very suitable for cable installation in refurbishment projects.

Skirting trunking lengths are supplied complete with lid, body coupler, strap, bridge and fixing screws.


Body: Hot dipped galvanised sheet steel to BS EN10142:1991; Fe PO2G Z275NAC
Lid: BS EN10143:1993


Body: Electro coated steel: BS EN 10152:1994; DC01 ZE25/25AC; BS EN 10130:1991
Lid: Self colour galvanised sheet steel to FePO2G. Z275NAC. Complies with BS4678 Part 1 1978 – Class 3 Heavy Protection against Corrosion. Epoxy powder coat in white RAL 9010.
Epoxy powder coat in white RAL 9010.

Skirting Trunking Alternative Specifications 

Length: The body can be manufactured in lengths of up to 3 metres
Finish: Lids may be powder coated in a wide range of colours
Material: Lids can be manufactured in 1.2mm stainless steel to BS1449: Part 2:1983 Type 304, with mill finish 2A, bright, annealed or mill finish 2B, satin grained 180 to 220 grit size

Ordering Information 

The listed information is for the standard range of chamfered and square skirting sections, this trunking body is supplied in 2 metre lengths as standard complete with body coupler and essential fixing screws

Accessory bodies are supplied with integral couplers and all essential fixing screws
Accessory Lids are supplied with two fixing bridges and all essential 3.5mm screws
Earth links are not included and should be ordered separately


Some accessories are handed and it is very important to indicate the hand required when ordering (click here for more info)
The convention used by RMS is illustrated above and can be described as follows:

“When looking at the wall on which the accessory is to be mounted, 
is the position to the left or right hand of the trunking run”

Skirting trunking accessories are supplied complete with integral coupler, bridge and fixing screws.


Variations available – please contact us for more details

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