Fibreflow EMT Conduit


  • All sizes displayed in mm
  • EMT Conduit standard length 3m - other lengths available
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Fibreflow EMT is a range of Electrical Metallic Tubing Systems specifically suited for the sure installation of fibre cabling within a data centre environment

The complete Fibreflow system is available in standard sizes of 50mm & 110mm with bespoke sizes available to suit your installation requirements. The external surfaces are galvanised for corrosion protection and the internal bore of the raceway tubing has an approved corrosion resistant coating. Made from sheet steel to standard BS EN 61386-21. Resistant to temperatures -45˚c to 250˚c

Fibreflow has a unique range of accessories that have been developed for data centre installations

All Fibreflow conduits, couplers, transit clamps and accessories are CE compliant

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