multi compartment cable trunking


  • All sizes and dimensions displayed in mm
  • Trunking is supplied in 3m lengths as standard (HDG in 2m length only)
  • Please contact us for alternative sizes
size50 x 2550 x 5075 x 5075 x 75100 x 50100 x 75100 x 100150 x 50blue bold
2 compAGT/21/2AGT/22/2AGT/32/2AGT/33/2AGT/42/2AGT/43/2AGT/44/2AGT/62/2
3 compXXAGT/32/3AGT/33/3AGT/42/3AGT/43/3AGT/44/3AGT/62/3lgrey
4 compXXXXXXXAGT62/4dgrey
size150 X 75150 X 100150 X 150200 X 50200 X 100225 X 50225 X 75225 X 100blue bold
2 compAGT/63/2AGT/64/2AGT/66/2AGT/82/2AGT/84/2AGT/92/2AGT/93/2AGT/94/2
3 compAGT/63/3AGT/64/3AGT/66/3AGT/82/3AGT/84/3AGT/92/3AGT/93/3AGT/94/3lgrey
4 compAGT/63/4AGT/64/4AGT/66/4AGT/82/4AGT/84/4AGT/94/4AGT/93/4AGT/94/4dgrey
size225 X 150225 X 225300 X 50300 X 75300 X 100300 X 150300 X 225300 X 300blue bold
2 compAGT/96/2AGT/99/2AGT/122/2AGT/123/2AGT/124/2AGT/126/2AGT/129/2AGT/1212/2
3 compAGT/96/3AGT/99/3AGT/122/3AGT/123/3AGT/124/3AGT/126/3AGT/129/3AGT/1212/3lgrey
4 compAGT/96/4AGT/99/4AGT/122/4AGT/123/4AGT/124/4AGT/126/4AGT/129/4AGT/1212/4dgrey

RMS provide a comprehensive range of standard return edge surface trunking single or multi compartment conforming to British Standard EN 500852-1:2006 +A1:2011 unless otherwise stated.
Mild steel pre-galvanised manufactured from steel complying with BS EN 10346:2009 continuously hot-dip coated steel flat products

Weatherproof finish to IP54 or CPC coating

For Power Coating – please provide RAL numberLength
Cable trunking can be supplied in lengths other than 3 metres

Lid Fixing
Screwed lid fixing using captive bushes clipped onto the returned
 edge of the body

As well as our standard turnbuckle we offer a tamperproof screw fix solution for security trunking

Square / Sharp bends, tees and intersections are also available

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